Inviting People to Christ-Centered Service

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Worship is a time to connect with God and join with others in praising Him. 

Faith Groups allow us grow with each other as we learn how to live a Christ-centered life.

Service not only transforms the world, but it transforms us.


Worship Series

Do you want to learn how to have hard conversations?

This three-week sermon series titled, "Holy Hard Conversations," is timely because our culture struggles to engage real conversation about tough topics. It is also timely because the United Methodist Church is facing hard conversations around the recommendations from the Commission on the Way Forward to General Conference 2019.


The Struttmanns

"Faith is home. I originally came to Faith because of my wife, Casey, but we have stayed because of the people and the congregation's dedication to service!  I love that anytime we drive by Faith, our girls are yelling 'church, church!!'  That's what Faith has given us- a childlike excitement for CHURCH!"

-Jeff Struttmann