About Faith

Monday - Thursday 9-4:30  |  Friday 9-12

At Faith, we believe in inviting people to Christ-centered service. Like our Discipleship Map we have for our PreK through High School Senior students, we've put together a plan that helps us grow as a congregation, as families, and as individuals. Our plan consists of a set of Values that make up Faith's culture, a trio of Strategies that works together helping us emulate Christ , and a list of Measures that reflect, assess, and grow.

So how do we invite people to Christ-centered service?


Our values make up Faith's culture and are based and steeped in scripture. 

Connect with Love   |   Matthew 18:20

Come as You Are   |   Romans 15:7

Learn for Life   |   2 Peter 3:18

Lead with Service   |   Romans 12:4-8


Our Strategies work together, helping us emulate Christ.


It's always good to take time to reflect and assess. Without the need to reflect, we cannot grow. These questions help us gauge where we are as disciples and followers of Jesus Christ.

Aligns with God's Priorities | Do my choices reflect God's priorities?

Sees the Needs of Others | Will I sacrifice to meet the needs I see?

Loves Authentically in Relationships | Am I fully present, transparent, and vulnerable in my relationships?

Pursues Continued Growth in Christ | What steps am I taking to grow as a follower of Christ?