The Sacred Table | March 29 | 7pm

On Thursday evening of Holy Week, we will gather around tables to remember Jesus’ last meal with his disciples. So many of our sacred moments happen around the table. We have shared a meal with those we are closest to and those we want to get to know better. We have shared a meal with colleagues, friends, and complete strangers. Every time, when we break bread together, something happens to bind our hearts to one another. Join us on this sacred night to reflect on the sacredness of the table. We will share together. We will worship together. We will end with Communion.


Just as you would invite guests to join you at your table, we hope you will invite guests to join you on Maundy Thursday.
Reservations are $3/person; $10/family; guests come free. Sign up below.

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$3/person; max $10/family; guests come free