Your Ministry


Your summary should be no more than five sentences long and should answer the questions "What is this ministry", "How do I fit in/Who is this ministry for", "What am I gaining by participating", and "How does this Ministry affect my relationship with God". Summaries are a snapshot into your ministry- summaries aren't dissertations. Be brief, don't list details (there's another place for that), and keep in mind our mission statement, "Inviting people to Christ-centered service."



This is where you highlight and provide details for upcoming events or study series. Short descriptions, dates of the event/study series, and any forms/sign-ups or additional contact information should be listed here. Most of these will be changed monthly to keep your highlights relevant and guests informed.


Nuts n' Bolts

This space is for descriptions of your regularly occurring events like your Sunday activities, when your study group meets regularly, etc. If your ministry has a calendar, newsletter, or text/email sign-ups this is the space for that. Again, keep things brief and only list what is necessary.