She was missing school every month for at least five days. She had to remain home during her menstrual cycle because there were no feminine products.

No school. Period.

That all changed when she received a drawstring bag with items inside that enabled her to gain an education. She received the bag with its contents from Days for Girls. This organization prepares the items girls and women use to bring back more days of engaging in social and educational activities. Regaining health, dignity, and education is its goal. Faith United Methodist Women have talented and devoted women who wish to contribute to this project.

Go to the website to see the contents of the drawstring bags and how they’re made. Several of us are working together to sew, donate fabrics, and other items. Ultimately, the Days for Girls recipients will become entrepreneurs in their countries and communities, educating and equipping their women and girls. The need is here in the U.S. as well. We would appreciate newly purchased cotton for the bags. Another option is to donate monetarily to our fabric, thread, ribbon needs.

See Mary Huetter, our treasurer for donations. For more information, contact Judy Turner 918-519-6776 or email turnerjudy045@gmail.