On September 3, 1978, a brand new United Methodist Church was formed in Tulsa. Pastor Kip Wright walked the local neighborhoods to spread the news about what was originally called "Mission UMC".

Two months later, on Sunday, November 12, 1978, the members renamed the church "Faith" and held its Charter Service at Holland Hall School with about a dozen charter families and Tulsa District Superintendent Dr. Lester Meyer. 

After four decades of worship, fellowship, discipleship and Christ-centered service, Faith UMC commemorated its Charter Service with a special anniversary celebration on Sunday, November 11, 2018. Many charter members as well as former pastors and staff were in attendance to sing, reminisce, remember and remind where Faith has been.

As an ongoing celebration of Faith's history, here are videos from the 40th Anniversary, as well as other events in the church's life.