On September 3, 1978, a brand new United Methodist Church was formed in Tulsa. Pastor Kip Wright walked the local neighborhoods to spread the news about what was originally called "Mission UMC".

Two months later, on Sunday, November 12, 1978, the members renamed the church "Faith" and held its Charter Service at Holland Hall School with about a dozen charter families and Tulsa District Superintendent Dr. Lester Meyer. 

After four decades of worship, fellowship, discipleship and Christ-centered service, Faith UMC commemorated its Charter Service with a special anniversary celebration on Sunday, November 11, 2018. Many charter members as well as former pastors and staff were in attendance to sing, reminisce, remember and remind where Faith has been.

As an ongoing celebration of Faith's history, here are videos from the 40th Anniversary, as well as other events in the church's life. 

Remembrances | Kip Wright

Our founding pastor, Rev Kip Wright, takes a look back at his favorite memories of Faith.

Remembrances | Linda Harker

Rev Linda Harker was Faith's Senior Pastor from 1998 to 2006. Listen as Linda takes a look back at her time at Faith and reflects.

Remembrances | Brad Humphrey

Rev Brad Humphrey was Faith's Senior Pastor from 2006 to 2014. Listen as Brad takes a look back at his time at Faith and reflects.

First Praise in Poland 2012

From Greg Leslie: "In 2012, Richard Rath, then Faith's Director of Adult Music Ministries, rounded up a handful of talented singers and musicians from Faith and Claremore UMC, and led a mission trip to Poland. Richard had done this twice before, but this was the first time Faith had been involved. The band he built was called "First Praise", and my wife Kay and I were along to take photos and video, as well as play handchimes on some of the songs.

We traveled from city to city, playing concerts in auditoriums and magnificent old churches, our goal to spread the universal message of the Methodist Church, which was slowly gaining popularity there. Our host and tour guide, Sławomir Rodaszyński, is now one of 4 regional Superintendents in the Polish church.

Despite the language barrier, the people there were incredibly warm and welcoming. This video gives a brief glimpse at the journey.

July 2007 Costa Rica Mission Trip

From Debby Bezan: "Faith UMC has organized several international mission trips over the years. including those to Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Poland and Puerto Rico.  This video shows some highlights from a Faith mission trip to Costa Rica in 2007.  The team served a Methodist Church in the impoverished village of Tuetal near the city of Alajuela.  While we were there we helped construct a church sanctuary, conducted an eye clinic and had a mission Bible school program for the children.  More importantly we shared God’s love and built lasting relationships with our gracious and friendly Costa Rican hosts.  Participating as a member of an international mission team is truly a faith-building and life-changing experience."

Faith's February 2004 Jayaque Mission Trip

From Kay Leslie: "Jayaque, El Salvador was a small village atop a lush green mountain. In February, 2004, the mission team from Faith traveled a twisting, turning two-lane road in a small pickup truck to reach the town: two people and the driver in the cab, the rest standing in the back. About midway, we had to pull over and let the poor truck cool down.  When we reached the top of the mountain our team set up a medical, dental and eye clinic in a small storefront for the week.  Each day, people who had walked for miles to visit the clinic formed a line down the street and around the block.  Teeth were pulled, medicine and eye glasses dispensed, along with sympathy, laughter and love.   Our construction crew worked to build a new casita for a single mother and her children.  We ended the week visiting families outside the town, sharing rice and beans and handshakes."

Remembrances | David Stephenson

Rev. David Stephenson was senior pastor at Faith from 1994 to 1998. Here he talks about his years at the church, the talented staff he worked with, and relates a story about a Maundy Thursday service gone awry.

2001 Faith Talent Show Selects

From John Owen: "The talent show was staged for more than 25 years, meaning that some young Faith members literally grew up with the talent show. Others, as seen here. simply refused to grow up. In the early days, Sunday School classes competed with each other with outrageous creativity and, occasionally, a little talent. My personal favorite was a performance of "Dead skunk in the middle of the road smelling to high, high heaven."

El Salvador: A Mission of Faith

From Jim Doughty: In February of 2002, seventeen members of Faith traveled to Ahuachapán, El Salvador for a medical and construction mission. Hundreds of people were served during the week, and each day our medical team worked until everyone in line was seen. During the week, the team had many opportunities to worship and fellowship with the local people. A highlight of the week was distributing about 400 pounds of rice and beans to many families in the rural areas outside of Ahuachapán. This was truly a mission of Faith.

Remembrances | Rev. Dennis Adlof

Dennis takes a look back to when he was an Associate Pastor at Faith from 1991 to 2003.

Remembrances | Charles Neff

"Remembrances: Dr. Charles Neff" -- Charles looks back at his time as Associate Pastor at Faith.

Faith’s Genesis Story

"Faith's Genesis Story" -- Recorded at Faith's Anniversary Celebration 11/11/18, here are reminiscences from Sonny Plischke, a charter member who entered the ministry from Faith; John (Rusty) Williams, an early member who entered the ministry from Faith, and Dr. Kip Wright, Faith's founding pastor.

Forward with Faith Campaign

Faith United Methodist Church entered the early years of the 21st Century on a roll. As Lay Leader during that time, we found that Faith was experiencing in excess of 10% growth in membership every year. -Jim Lefler

Consecration of the New Sanctuary

In the Summer of 2003, we were successful in being able to begin construction on an expanded sanctuary, Sunday school and Administration area to fulfill the needs for ministry. Then, in the Spring of 2005, we held our first worship services in the expanded facility in a worship service led by Bishop Robert Hayes and our Pastor, Linda Harker.

Remembrances | Rev Cindy Havlik

Rev Cindy Havlik was on staff at Faith from 2000 to 2005, and Associate Pastor from 2005 to 2009, and is currently the Council Oaks District Superintendent for the Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Faith’s 40th Anniversary | Remembrances

Remembrances | Pastor Erma