Faith United Methodist Church
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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 Special Angels Ministry
Special Angels Ministry is designed to make Sunday School and Worship available to all families with the understanding that some students need additional help in the classroom or sanctuary. 
Special Angels are adults and youth who will attend Sunday school with children or youth who need additional help. The most common types of learning disorders that we will see are Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome. Any student who needs help in the classroom can have a special angel even those without significant learning disabilities. The Children, ET, and Youth Ministers will evaluate every student who might benefit from a special angel and who is referred to them from the teachers or parents.
Room 403 in the Faith Village (Children's Wing) is the Special Angels Room. This room will always have a volunteer in it so when students aren’t enjoying themselves in the regular classroom; they can come back to this room for fun. Parents will drop off and pick up their children from this room each week. 
Our volunteers will always be wearing a blue golf shirt that indicates they are a volunteer that day. Our trainer indicated that the children will associate the shirt with the understanding that this person is “safe” and is there to help them. Volunteers do NOT have to make a long term commitment but can help once a month or however often they are comfortable doing so. Volunteers must be trained before they can help. Parents will fill out informational surveys to help the volunteers interact with their child. Parents will choose a “Spiritual Goal” for their child that the volunteers and teachers will work toward.
If you would like more information about our Special Angels Program, please call the church office at 918-252-1679 or email Jean Stout at