Faith United Methodist Church
Sunday, April 20, 2014
Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world by sharing God's love one person at a time.

Adult Sunday School



Journey of Faith
     Sundays, 9:40am—Room 500
A class for those who want to make that first-time commitment to be a part of a new adventure in faith. Class members are varied in age, interests, and backgrounds and enjoy fellowship in each other’s homes.

     Sundays, 9:40am—Room 501
In-depth discussions on a variety of topics—including the Bible, history, theology, and Methodist doctrine—are enjoyed by this class of couples and singles, 40+ in age. Different viewpoints and lively conversation are a certainty every Sunday. Meals and group activities are also enjoyed.

    Sundays, 9:40am—Room 502
Geared for older adults 65+ who enjoy Bible studies, caring, and fellowship. This friendly, caring class uses The Upper Room as curriculum and a teacher leads the discussions.

    Sundays, 9:40am—Room 504
Dialogue is a class of discussion for people of all ages, married and single. Class topics are incredibly varied and if you have an open mind, a spirit of inquiry, and an appreciation for some constructive conversation, Dialogue may be for you.

Idividuals @ 9:40
    Sundays, 9:40am—Room 503
 This new class welcomes men and women who are single or attend church by themselves and would like to be in a Sunday school class with other individuals. The curriculum is The Wired Word - a current event Bible study, right from the headlines this week. 





Faithful Families
    Sundays, 11:00am—Room 401 (Children’s Wing)
A class for families, where parents and children learn together. We start with visiting and an easy opening activity for the kids like coloring or sticker play. Then we have a lesson on a Bible principle or on Christian living that gets parents and kids playing together to drive the message home. After that, the kids go next door into the gym with a few of our awesome youth to hear a bible story on our daily topic and play a related game.  During this part of the class which lasts about 10-15 minutes, the adults get a little deeper on the daily topic. At the end of the class, the families come back together to tie up loose ends and close with a prayer. Find more information here.

New Life
    Sundays, 11:00am—Room 500
New Life is made up of people ages 40-60, from singles to empty nesters. Open discussion in a caring environment is encouraged. This fun-loving class has an active social calendar and loves to welcome visitors.

    Sundays, 11:00am—Room 501
This class appeals to adults of all ages, singles and couples, and they always have room for more! Studies vary, are led by members of the class, and lean toward contemporary topics.

Soul Searchers
    Sundays, 11:00am—Room 502
A group of  adults of varied ages who generally study faith topics through videos and books by various local and national educators (i.e. Adam Hamilton, Deron Spoo, Tony Campola) followed by free-form discussions of key messages within the presentations.  The current Deron Spoo video study regarding the Holy Spirit will conclude in October.

    Sundays, 11:00am—Room 505
Comprised of people who wish to grow in their faith and service and in existence for nearly 20 years, Bridgebuilders study topics ranging from contemporary issues to Bible series and enjoy monthly socials and holiday parties.

    Sundays, 11:00am—Room 600
We are 25ish-35ish, single, newly married, young families, stay at home parent, professional worker, all in one basket, all in for God’s work, and all in for a good time.

    Sundays, 11:00am—Room 601
These are college-age and other young singles. Studies are often led by guest teachers and subjects vary.

    Sundays, 11:00am—Room 604
This class is for those interested in enhancing their personal spiritual walk. Stimulating conversations and lots of laughter are hallmarks of Crosstalk. Class members take turns leading the lessons and a variety of topics are up for discussion. Socials held each quarter.